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ccoc-t0Our Mission

Our mission is to help people Discover Hope in Jesus Christ, and lead them toward Spiritual Maturity and Ministry Involvement through fellowship with other believers as we worship God.


Spiritual Maturity


To EDUCATE God’s People (Discipleship) through calling new believers to join a local church and to follow Christ through immersion baptism.
Through involving believers in the consistent study and application of Scriptures. Through biblical instruction for maturity in personal, professional, and family life.


Discover Hope


To COMMUNICATE God’s Words (Evangelism) through sharing Christ by our lifestyle and by our verbal witness. Through training and motivating believers to effectively share the gospel with those around them. Through supporting and being involve in mission causes both locally and around the world.

Ministry Involvement


To DEMONSTRATE God’s Love (Ministry) through caring for one another and using our resources to meet the needs of others. Through welcoming any new ministry which will help the church grow according to biblical principles. Through leading every member to develop and utilize their spiritual gifts for the purpose of ministry.